Dana Air
Dana Air
Earn upto 80 DASH for every ₦1000 spent

Committed to improving the well-being of customers in all product offerings, Dana Air is focused on bringing to Nigerians, an aviation service that combines the best elements of legacy carriers – world class safety and quality on-board services coupled with latest technology (online services) and operational efficiency of new-age carriers.

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How to earn

Fly Dana Air as a Dashket member and get loyalty points for every ticket you purchase. Earn 2000 Points on Economy class tickets and 4000 points on Business class tickets.

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Important Information

For In-store partners, DASH points are awarded only when the transactions is completed. Dashket reserved the right to deduct points if partner reports any issue after the transaction may have been completed.

Terms & Conditions

Dashket points are awarded by Dashket and not the retailer so please contact us if you believe points have been incorrectly awarded to your account or if you believe you are due Points which have not been issued. However, retailers only keep transactional information for up to 6 months and therefore we are only able to investigate unissued Points, and then issue the points (if applicable), within 6 months from the date of transaction.

Should you have any further questions, please read the FAQs.

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