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Terms & Conditions

  1. DUE Marketing – DUE Marketing Limited. 163A Sinari Daranijo Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island. Lagos
  2. Programme – Dashket loyalty programme, created and maintained by DUE Marketing.
  3. Dashket – units which can be collected for purchasing goods/services from the Partners as well as exchanged for goods/services which are offered as part of the Programme.
  4. Terms – the terms governing the Programme rules and procedures that are binding on the programme Members and Partners. The definitions that are not included in the Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Programme Application – an application created by DUE Marketing, located at the website, designed for the Programme members to create their online profiles and to use their account information.
  6. Dashket Member or Member means a person who is enrolled in the Programme or who is enrolled in the Programme by its legal representative and who has agreed to these Terms and who has been approved for participation in the Programme by DUE Marketing.
  7. Dashket Account or Account means an account opened for a Dashket member, based on the member’s personal data submitted voluntarily, for the registration of Dashket collected and/or spent by the Member. The Dashket account is available on the Member’s online profile at
  8. Dashket Members Collective Account or Friends and Family Account means a group of accounts created in the Programme Application, which allows to join Dashket from several Accounts, thus providing new opportunities for using Dashket.
  9. Dashket Membership Number – the number indicated on the Card is a unique Member identification number which is linked to the Account.
  10. Partner means a DUE Marketing partner who has entered into a contract for collecting and/or spending Dashket with DUE Marketing or another enterprise which is authorized to enter into such agreements on behalf of DUE Marketing.
  11. Card means a Programme membership card with a Membership number. There are three types of cards:
    1. Personalized Card – Dashket card with the Programme membership number, cardholder’s name and the Programme membership level (optional);
    2. Non-personalized Card – Dashket card with the Programme membership number;
    3. Temporary Card – paper card printed from the Dashket member’s online profile or attached to the application form. Temporary card must contain a clearly legible Dashket membership number.
  12. Application Form – an online application form filled out at, an application in paper form or the willingness to participate in the Programme expressed in any other form and registered in the Programme Application.
Membership eligibility criteria
  1. Name, surname – the name and surname indicated in the application must match the data of identity documents (passport, driving license, ID card).
  2. Age – any natural person who has reached the age of 10 can become a Dashket member. Persons who are not legally accountable according to their country of citizenship are represented in the Programme by their parents, legal guardians, trustees or any other person which is legally entitled to represent the Person.
  3. Address – the address indicated by the Member on the Application Form for sending the Personalized Card or other Programme related correspondence.
Commencement of membership
  1. Only individuals who have filled out the Application Form can become Members.
  2. applying and using the Programme benefits, the Member agrees to these Terms and any future amendments thereof. The current version of the Terms is available on the Dashket website
  3. Programme Application can be submitted and membership approval can be received only once.
  4. DUE Marketing is entitled to reject any Programme application without specifying the reason.
  5. The Card issued can be used by the Member or the Member’s lawful representative only and the membership is non-transferable.
  6. DUE Marketing reserves the right to refuse a status to a Member, such as Executive or VIP status, and to unilaterally terminate the existing status without providing a prior warning to the Member.
Dashket account
  1. As proof that the Member has been assigned a Dashket account and that he or she is entitled to collect Dashket, the Member shall be granted a membership Account. The Member is limited to a single Dashket Account and one Card unless specifically stated otherwise in these Terms.
  2. If participation is sought by filling out application in paper form, the Account shall be created within 3 weeks.
  3. If a Member holds more than one Dashket Account, DUE Marketing reserves the right to close all Accounts that contain no Dashket without prior notice.
  4. If a Member has several Accounts which have been awarded Dashket, the Dashket shall be transferred to the Account specified by the Member which will become the Member’s permanent Account.
  5. The Account is attached to a unique e-mail address specified by the Member, which can be registered in the Programme Application with a single Account only.
  6. The Dashket collected can be checked in the Programme Application by using the Member’s internet profile information (by entering the e-mail address and the password used in the Dashket registration). If the Member detects any errors in the account statement, he or she shall inform the Dashket Member Service (phone numbers: +2347003225800, within one month from the date of purchase, unless agreed upon otherwise. After this period it will be deemed that the Member has approved the existing Account balance and the data shall not be corrected.
  7. Dashket Members Friends and Family Account
    1. Dashket Programme Application allows joining several Accounts into a group. Creating the Friends and Family Account and adding new Members is done in the Dashket webpage under My Account section.
    2. A maximum of 8 (eight) accounts can be joined in a single Friends and Family Account. Each Account holder can be part of one Friends and Family Account only.
    3.  The Member who creates the Friends and Family Account also becomes its administrator and is entitled to add other Account holders to the Friends and Family account he or she has created.
    4. creating a Friends and Family Account, its administrator undertakes responsibility for any actions taking place within the Account, including actions done by other members of the group.
    5. The administrator of the Friends and Family Account is entitled to spend Dashket from any account within the group. The other Members of the Friends and Family Account can only spend Dashket located in their respective accounts. The administrator of the Friends and Family Account has the right to allow any member of the group to spend Dashket from the Friends and Family Account.
    6. To exclude an Account from the Friends and Family Account, the administrator of the group must contact Dashket Member Service.
    7. When leaving a Friends and Family Account, the Member Account retains all the Dashket collected and not yet spent on his or her respective Account at the time of leaving.
    8. By agreeing to join a group, the Account Holder confirms that he or she agrees to be bound by administration rules outlined in Point 4.7. of these Terms.
Dashket cards
  1. When applying for the Programme with one of the Partners, the Member can receive a Non-personalized card. For the Member to be registered with the Programme, the Member must create an online profile at registration shortly after receiving the card or fill out the Application Form enclosed with the Card.
  2. After completing the paper Application Form with Temporary card and receiving and confirming the activation e-mail (the Member approves his or her profile information), or applying for the Programme online, a Personalized Dashket card will be sent to the Member’s address.
  3. The Card is the property of DUE Marketing and must be returned to DUE Marketing upon request.
Accrual of Dashket
  1. In order to collect Dashket when using or purchasing eligible services or goods, the Member must present his or her Dashket membership number and/or Dashket card, or any other card that entitles him to collect Dashket. If Dashket are not automatically credited to the Member’s account, the Member may claim the missing Dashket by using his or her online profile or by contacting the Dashket Member Service. If the Card or the Membership number is not presented, no privileges will be applied.
  2. By making a purchase at Partners’ stores with any of the Dashket payment cards, Dashket can be collected for both transactions.
  3. The Partner shall be responsible for the offers and privileges of Partners in which case the offers and benefits may be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective Partner.
  4. No Dashket will be awarded for such goods/services for which the supporting documents (tickets, flight coupons) indicate:
    1. That the product or service has not been used;
    2. That their value has been reimbursed or compensated in cash;
    3. That their validity term has expired;
    4. That they have been obtained illegally.
  5. Some partners may not allow collecting Dashket when a Temporary card is presented. The number of Dashket in the Account depends on the conditions in force at the time of using a Partner service or making a purchase. For all Partner services eligible for collecting Dashket, which are received during the period between applying for the Programme and registering the Dashket Account, the Member’s Dashket will be registered in accordance with these Terms.
  6. When using the services or privileges of another loyalty programme, the Member will not be awarded Dashket, unless agreed upon otherwise.
  7. The Partner shall calculate and DUE Marketing shall credit the collected Dashket to the Member’s account. These Dashket can be spent in the ways intended, as specified in the Terms or other informative materials of Dashket. Points received through other programmes may not be used to receive the privileges or services of Dashket programme, unless agreed upon otherwise.
  8. All announcements on other ways to collect Dashket that are not mentioned in these Terms shall be published separately in the Dashket informative materials.
Redemption of Dashket
  1. The Dashket collected can be spent as soon as the required amount of Dashket for purchasing specific products/services has been accrued in the Member’s account.
  2. The Programme offers spending the collected Dashket at the online shop: By making a purchase, the Member confirms that he or she has read the terms of the online shop before hand and has no objections against them.
  3. The availability of the products/services can depend on their availability at the Partner’s warehouse or other conditions set forth by the Partner. Products/services cannot be combined with any other offers or specials, unless otherwise indicated. Additional information about the availability of products/services and special conditions is available on our website or from the respective Partner.
  4. After purchasing product/services, supporting documents (award flight tickets and/or other purchase confirmations) will be sent to the address specified by the Member. The documents will be prepared electronically. Information about the return policy and the price for services is available in various Dashket and/or Partner informative materials. Any questions regarding this topic can also be addressed to the Dashket Member Service.
  5. If the Member wishes to return the product obtained in exchange for the collected Dashket and is able to present the supporting documents, he or she shall be returned the value of the product stated in the supporting documents only. The collected Dashket are not deleted but are credited back to the Member’s Account. If a purchase is paid for from a Friends and Family Account, Dashket are returned to the Account from which the purchase has been made.
Dashket validity period
  1. Dashket are valid for 3 years, starting from the first day of accrual (the day when the product/service is purchased), unless agreed upon otherwise.
  2. Status Dashket are valid for 365 days from the date on which the flight is made.
Taxes, surcharges and service charges
  1. The Member is responsible for covering all additional costs such as taxes (e.g. airport taxes and fees, security fees, delivery fees), additional charges (e.g. insurance) and service charges (e.g. booking change fee) applied to purchases of the Partner’s products/services with Dashket.
Violation of the terms and conditions, membership termination, programme updates
  1. The Member is entitled to terminate the Programme membership at any time by informing DUE Marketing thereof in writing. In this case, the Dashket collected are not reimbursed or otherwise compensated and are not transferable.
  2. DUE Marketing may terminate the Member’s participation in the Programme, if the following is not prevented after receiving a prior warning:
    1. Inaccurate personal data; or
    2. Damage to DUE Marketing and/or DUE Marketing Partners and/or their employees or other Members of the Programme arising due to the Member’s actions or lack thereof.
  3. In the aforementioned cases, DUE Marketing reserves the right to freeze the Member’s account.
  4. As soon as DUE Marketing has terminated the Member’s participation in the Programme, it can no longer be resumed.
  5. Until the termination of the Programme membership, these Terms remain valid as the Member’s membership terms.
  6. If a Partner terminates its cooperation with DUE Marketing, the Dashket accrued with this Partner shall remain in the Member’s account until their expiration.
  7. DUE Marketing reserves the right to cancel the Programme at any time or replace it with another programme.
Data protection
  1. DUE Marketing (Data manager) performs personal data processing in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable laws of the Republic of Nigeria.
  2. DUE Marketing reserves the right and the Member agrees that the personal data provided by the Member and the information on purchases registered in the system shall be used for the following purposes:
    1. To identify the Member;
    2. To create Programme statistics;
    3. To inform the Member of the Programme activities, offers and news to the extent allowed by the Member;
    4. To inform the Member about their Dashket account balance.
    5. To inform the Member of third party offers to the extent allowed by the Member when registering in the Programme or as otherwise agreed with the Member.
  3. The Member who attracts new members to the Programme shall ensure personal data processing in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other laws valid in the Republic of Nigeria. The Member receives no remuneration or compensation for such attraction of new members, unless specifically agreed upon.
  4. Data submitted by members will be processed and stored within the European Union and the United States of America or other countries, for which the Member may receive a separate notice.
  1. The Member is obliged to use and store the Card with care. The Member should endeavor to protect the Card from high temperatures, electromagnetic effects and mechanical damage.
  2. If the Card is lost, stolen, damaged or used by another person without the Member’s consent (or if the Member’s Account is being used by another person), the Member shall immediately inform the Dashket Member Service. Until Dashket Member Service has been informed, the Member shall be liable for any attempts to use the Card or account information. The new Card will be issued free of charge.
  3. DUE Marketing is acting in good faith and reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms, the products/services, the amount of the products/services or the Dashket procedures set out in any other programme documents, whenever such changes are deemed necessary. Such changes and additions will be deemed as approved, if the Member continues to participate in the Programme or if no written objections have been submitted within one month from publishing the Terms. If the Member does not agree to the changes in the Programme, he or she can cancel their membership in accordance with Article 10.1 of these Terms.
Applicable law and jurisdiction
  1. The validity, structure and performance of these terms are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and are under the jurisdiction of the Nigerian courts.
  2. If any of the foregoing conditions in whole or in part are not legally valid, it does not affect the validity of the other conditions.
  3. In case these Terms and Conditions can have different interpretations in different languages, the English version shall prevail.